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Continued from VFX-3
01. Helicopter Take Off 8M
02. Rocket Launch 8M

03. Auto Starts 8M
04. Auto Interior 8M
05. Car Approach 8M
06. Car Departing 8M
07. Car Drive By 8M
08. Car Gear Grind
09. Car Skids
10. Static Auto 8M
11. Cars, Misc. 8M
12. Auto Horns
13. Elec. Car Windows 
14. Sports Cars #1 8M
15. Sports Cars #2 8M
16. Race Cars 8M
17. Jeep Start #1 8M
18. Jeep Start #2
19. Jeep Drive By 8M
20. Jeep In/Stop 8M
21. Jeep Away 8M
22. Static Jeep
23. Truck Idle 8M
24. Truck Drive 8M
25. Truck Passes 8M
26. Country Truck
27. Static Truck 8M
28. Garbage Truck 8M

29. Fire Engine #1 8M
30. Fire Engine #2 8M
31. Fire Truck Run 8M
32. FireTruck Backup 8M
33. Ambient Traffic
34. City Traffic 8M
35. Hwy Traffic 8M
36. Snow Traffic 8M
37. Tunnel Traffic
38. Motorcycles
39. City Bus Interior 8M
40. Trolley Car 8M
41. Trains Motors
42. Trains 8M
43. Trains, Misc. 8M
44. Trains Run 8M
45. Train Arrive 8M
46. Train Leave 8M
47. Train Passing 8M
48. Train Cab
49. Subway In/Out 8M
50. Subway Runs 8M
51. Subway Misc. 8M
52. Army Tanks 8M
53. M1 Tanks #1 8M
54. M1 Tank Parts 8M
55. M2 Tanks 8M
56. M2 Tank Start 8M
57. M2 Tanks Parts
58. M55 Tank
59. M60 Tank/Gun 8M
60. M88 Passes 8M
61. Troop Carrier 8M
62. Tractor
63. Old Stagecoach 8M

64. Boat Motors 8M
65. Boat Motors 2
66. Motor Boats 8M
67. Boat Bow Wash 8M
68. Tugboat Engine
69. Ferry Boat #1 8M
70. Ferry Boat #2 8M

71. Natural Water 8M
72. Tidal Wave
73. Tub & Shower 8M
74. Water In Sink
75. Firehose Spray

76. Wind 8M
77. Rain 8M
78. Thunder #1 8M
79. Thunder #2 8M
80. Thunder #3 8M
81. Thunder #4 8M
82. Big Thunder 8M

From the fabulous Valentino Sound Effects Library of 37 audio CDs comes the VFX Series.  The VFX Series makes this incredible library available to the world of Digtial Sampling.  Four CD-ROMs for the E-mu Emulator III/X/ESI/EIV samplers now incorporate over 3,000 Valentino digital sound effects.  With the EIIIX or ESI up to 32 megabytes (E4=128 Meg) of Valentino sound effects can be instantly accessed, pitch-shifted, filtered, layered, contorted . . . all the things that go into excellent sound design and audio sweetening for film, video and media productions.

Ambiences, Human FX, Animal FX, Industry, Combat, Destruction, Comedy, Science-fiction, Crowds, Sports, Household, Office/Institutional, Music, Media, Transportation, Water and Weather categories.  There are four VFX volumes organized into 324 banks all categorized using the Northstar Category System.  This system, when coupled with E-mu's Librarian program and any MacIntosh Computer, allows you to quickly locate and load any effect.  And at $199 per CD-ROM, that's a little less than $3 per bank!

Click Purchase This Title, or contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.