Demo MP3s and CD
Northstar is happy to send you, via email, MP3 files which demonstrate many of our samples categories and CD-ROM titles.  They feature typical performances of the instruments in question.  The MP3s' data rate is 128kbs, at 44k, and are up to 5.7 MB in size.  When requesting MP3s, please make sure there is plenty of room in your Inbox to receive them.

These demos are also available on a free audio CD, which Northstar can mail to you.  When requesting a CD, don't forget to include complete postal mailing information.

There is a quiet wind chime effect mixed in on many of the demos, to deter sampling and theft of our demo files. 

Please send your MP3 list or CD requests to:
CD Titles
These demos contain sounds from the actual titles shown

  1 Drumscapes Demo short

  2 Son of Drumscapes

  3 Latin Rock Drumscapes

  4 Dancescapes

  5 Russian Masters

  6 Studio Acoustic Guitar

  7 Sample It Loops

  8 The Wizard

  9 The Wizard II

10 Hollywood Edge FX

11 Valentino FX

12 Hanna-Barbera FX

13 Warner Bros. FX

14 Grand Gold Pianos Steinway

15 Grand Gold Pianos Yamaha

Musical Instrument Categories
These demos contain sounds from various titles not found above

16 Acoustic Strings

17 Bass

18 Brass

19 Composer, Combo

20 Guitar, Acoustic

21 Guitar, Electric

22 Harp

23 Keyboards, Acoustic

24 Keyboards, Electric

25 Keyboards, Organ

26 Ethnic Stringed Instruments

27 Ethnic Winds, Reed

28 Ethnic Winds, Blowhole

29 Percussion, Bells

30 Percission, Cymbals

31 Percussion, Drums

32 Percussion, Ethnic, Cymbals

33 Percussion, Ethnic, Combo

34 Percussion, Ethnic, Drums

35 Percussion, Ethnic, Pitched

36 Synthesizers

37 Vocals

38 Woodwinds

39 FX Tips

40 Drumscapes Demo long

Updated June 21, 2005