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Northstar Floppy Library for Roland S550/W30 Samplers

N001. Symphony Strings
Rich Oregon Symphony section.
N002. Martin Guitar
Solo steel string acoustic guitar.
N003. Solo Flute
Solo silver, vibrato woodwind.
N004. Hammond B3
Clean pop, jazz organ w/slow Leslie.
N005. Power B3
Overdriven "Santana" organ w/slow Leslie.
N006. Shakuhachis
Breathy, solo eastern bamboo flutes.
N007. Trumpet Section
 Unsion section trumpets, pop or classical.
N008. Plucked Bass
Standup solo acoustic bass.
N009. Solo Cello
Solo orchestral vibrato cello.
N010. Solo Violin
Solo orchestral vibrato violin.
N011. Orchestra Hits 1
Rich full classical orchestra hits.
N012. Orchestra Hits 2
More full classical orchestra hits.
N013. Male/Female Oos
Separate male and female voices.
N014. Full Male Oos
Studio multitracked airy oos.
N015. Full Male Ahs
Studio multitracked airy ahs.
N016. TR-808
Deep Roland drum machine.
N017. TR-909
Dance Roland drum machine.
N018. Power Synth
"Toto" power Jupiter synth.
N019. Phil's Minimoog Bass
"Collins" type dance basses.
N020.Northstar Minimoog
More Minimoog dance basses.
N021. NY Synth Bass 1
Power dance basses
N022. NY Synth Bass 2
More power dance basses.
N023. Rapper Bass
Funky synth dance bass.
Electric guitar great for all types.
N025. New Pop Brass
Octave stack trumpets/bones/sax.
N026. Young Chang Grand
Bright acoustic piano "Tom Grant".
N027. Chorus Rick Guitar
Clean "Miami Sound Machine"-like.
N028. Turbosynth Drums 1
Bizarre drums created in "Turbosynth".
N029. Power Tech Drums
Awesome rock drums.
N030. Power Latin Drums
With clean tight snares and toms.
N031. Country Fiddle
Solo vsw with licks and grooves.
N032. Steel Guitar
Country solo and licks.
N033. Harmonica
Solo harmonica for pop or country.
N034. Banjo
Solo clean acoustic.
N035. Hollywood Gold
"David Foster"-type Rhodes piano.
N036. Dirty Loops Ghetto
Dance loops with different sections.
N037. Dirty Loops Heavy
Dance loops with different sections.

Roland S550/W30
Floppy Disks Retail Price
$15 Each

Northstar Special
Any 5 disks

All sounds are in mono.
All disks attempt to maintain
the highest sample rate for
studio quality use.

Northstar attempts to fill
the existing S-550
sound blocks to their maximum.

All sounds are transferred
digitally from the E-mu
Emulator III 16 bit machine
through Alchemy.

N038. Dirty Loops Sugar
Dance loops w/ different sections.
N039. Dirty Loops Jungle
Dance loops w/ different sections.
N040. Dirty Loops Shake Jam
Dance loops w/ different sections.
N041. Dirty Loops Nu Manchester
Dance loops w/ different sections.
N042. Band Stabs 1
Dance horn stabs and FX.
N043. Band Stabs 2
More dance horn stabs and FX.
N044. Dance Orch Stabs
Dance orchestra hits and FX.
N045. Cheap Vox Tricks
Dance vocal tricks and FX.

Northstar Productions Roland S-550/W30 Library is one of the finest.  Digitally transferred from Northstar's Emulator III Library, these disks are incredible.  Brilliant vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling synths and excellent brass compliment all your projects.  The "Dirty" drum loops are a must for that "ripped off" (but totally legitimate) dance groove.  Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your sampler in a different category.  You can order from the entire library via floppy.  We do allow multiple orders of our "5 for $63" Special. (10 for $126 and so on).  If your order is an odd number, such as 7, you would pay the special price for the first 5 disks, which includes shipping plus the extra 2 disks at the full $15 price ($63 + $30 = $83.00).

Contact Northstar for complete information and shipping details.  Northstar accepts VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover, check or money order. (503) 760-7777.