About Northstar
Custom Sounds

Where we came from:  Located near the western slopes of northwestern Oregon's beautiful Mount Hood, Northstar Productions was established by Scott James Hybl in the mid 1980s.  While working on his album Brick, Scott acquired an E-MU Emulator II, and found the then-available sample libraries to be simple and uninteresting.  From his musician's point of view, rather than an electronics engineer's one, Scott developed and expanded on his own collection of sound recordings, and began offering for sale floppy disks with useable, musical and comprehensive banks of sounds.  Before the end of that decade, he had issued his first of several products for a new technologythe CD ROM.

What we sell:  Numbering in the thousands, Northstar's Sample Library contains sounds ranging from conventional Western classical and modern musical instruments, ancient instruments, and sound effects both natural and man-made.  They're available for several brands of samplers on CD ROM, Audio CDs, floppy disks, and a variety of fixed-disk formats.  Northstar's samples are used by artists, engineers, and sound designers for music, television and films worldwide.

Who owns the samples:  All the samples in Northstar's library are either original sounds, or licensed from various other sources, and as such, are copyrighted by Northstar or their respective owners, and are protected by international copyright laws.  Only Northstar and its approved dealers and suppliers have the right to distribute Northstar titles.  Buy Northstar titles that contain original artwork, booklets, etc, only from Northstar or its approved dealers and suppliers.  If you have questions about a dealer or supplier, please contact us.