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Northstar OEM General MIDI-compatible audio sample sets provide the highest quality solutions for sample playback music systems.  With an extensive instrument and sound effects library that has been in development for over 15 years, Northstar is recognized worldwide as a leader in providing professional digital audio samples to the pro-audio and electronic instrument industries.  Some of the companies Northstar has provided for include Crystal Semiconductor, 3Com, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, S3 Corporation, Euphonix, and Alesis.

With General MIDI-compatible sample sets ranging in size from less than 500 kb to over 600 megabytes, Northstar is prepared to provide sample sets or sub-sets for any requirement, including extensions to General MIDI such as GS and XG.  Original source material is digitized at sample rates of 44.1kHz or higher, with most instruments sourced in natural stereo.  All  instrument sounds are guaranteed to be original and liability-free.  Absolutely seamless loops are incorporated, where appropriate, using specialized techniques developed by Northstar and refined through years of application.

In addition, Northstar can provide synthesizer articulation programming tailored to any synthesizer design, putting any sample set in its best possible environment.  Northstar has extensive experience providing articulation programming guaranteed to be 100 percent compatible with recognized industry standards and has easily won Fat Labs approval for every sound set it has submitted.  Samples can be delivered in DLS (level 1, level 2), Soundfont, WAV, AIFF, SD2, or virtually any existing format or sample or bit rate.  Northstar works with your engineers and developers to offer solutions that will satisfy the need for cutting edge sound.

Northstar began by providing digital instrument samples to professional musicians, recording artists, film and television composers, and sound effects libraries.  Encouraged by the positive response from such industry leaders as Phil Collins, Disney, A&M, etc, Northstar began supplying instrument manufacturers including Roland, E-mu Systems, Alesis, Peavey and others with samples and sample sets for use in their professional electronic instruments.  In recent years, Northstar has expanded its market to include the personal computer industry and wireless applications.  In that time, Northstar has provided individual samples and entire sound sets to industry leaders including Crystal Semiconductor, Conexant, S3, EuPhonix, and Eye and I Productions.  Northstar continues to broaden its various markets, and is quickly becoming recognized as the industry's first choice for high-quality professional sample sets. 

About Northstar
Based in Portland, Oregon, Northstar is dedicated to providing the finest digital audio samples to all facets of the audio marketplace.  For more information contact Northstar's Sound Development Team, headed by Clark Salisbury, please contact us.